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The status of wear-resistant materials industry

Since reform and opening, as China's industrial modernization, rapid economic development town, one of the basic industries of China cement industry has also been a rapid development. At present, the world's cement production accounts for more than 30% of cement production. Twenty consecutive years, China's cement output growth remained at double-digit rate, both the growth rate or production are highest in the world. Meanwhile, China is a major exporter of cement. It is reported that Asia accounts for the world's cement cement trading about 40% of total trade, while China's total cement exports to Asia account for 30-40%. Therefore, we can say that China has become the world's truly great powers of cement. Not only that, from the current economic development trend, cement demand continues to grow, with an average growth rate of 10.86%, higher than the national economy growth.

As production processes in the cement industry, working conditions are very poor in material extraction, crushing, grinding and transportation process will be a large number of problems and result in machine wear parts and components of the damage, the cement industry in order to maintain the normal production and operation, must have adequate continuous supply of wear parts. Materials and industrial wear in the main source of energy consumption. Among them, the most severe abrasive wear, accounting for about 50% of all wear types. About a year of wear-resistant materials to consume 200 million tons, and also an annual growth rate of 15%.

Wear-resistant materials for the building materials industry is a direct cement, metallurgy, mining and thermal power industry service a new industry has strong vitality. In the cement industry, spare parts and power consumption in its production costs account for a large proportion. In recent years, wear industry, along with the development of China's national economy continue to grow and grow, to now become an independent existence and development of the industry. Problem is actually due to wear in the industry is inevitable and objective reality. Therefore, as long as raw materials, the development of basic industries, on the need for constant wear-resistant materials parts and components supply. Moreover, with the continuous progress of industry and energy conservation and environmental protection requirements, the number and variety of wear-resistant materials demand will keep expanding, the industry will become more prosperous and have more vitality. So, wear-resistant materials industry we call a "monumental industry" is also based here.