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Ball Lapping and common defects Superfinishing

Steel ball lapping and super-refinements are the final processing operations, higher than the G40-class steel ball processing generally used Superfinishing process. The final ball size deviation, geometric accuracy, surface roughness, surface quality and burns, and other technical requirements, to achieve the lapping process or processes Superfinishing statutes.
Check the ball's diameter deviation and geometric precision, must be provided for special equipment to measure. After lapping the workpiece surface roughness and surface quality inspection, the general visual inspection in the astigmatism lamp. If the dispute can be examined under the magnifying glass 90 times, and contrast with the corresponding standard photo. Superfinishing after the surface quality and surface roughness of the test, you must set aside a certain number of jobs under the magnifying glass and 90 times the standard photo control checks. When in doubt visual surface roughness can be detected on the surface roughness.

Lapping and burn Superfinishing inspection methods using random sampling and sampling, sampling the quantity and quality standards should be consistent with burns standards.

Poor surface roughness of reasons:

1. Processing volume too low, processing time is too short.

2. Grinding disc grooves shallow trench contact with the workpiece surface is too small.

3. Lapping plate hardness of the hardness is too high or uneven, as well as trachoma and holes and so on.

4. Abrasive paste the addition of too much or too coarse abrasive particle size.

5. Lapping plate groove dirty, with iron filings or other debris.

Local surface roughness of the bad reasons: rotating grinding disc grooves too shallow, the workpiece contact area is too small; lapping plate groove angle is too small, so that the workpiece rotation is not flexible; pressure on the grinding plate too small, so that between the workpiece and the grinding plate slide. Injury research is a surface defect that often appear in the loop processing, severe astigmatism lamp when it is clear that there is a certain depth of the pit. Only see a slight astigmatism lamp a black or yellow. But under the magnifying glass you can see 90 times the pit, the lower part is rough, scratches staggered. Causes are: grinding plate groove depth varies in a deep groove in the workpiece due to low pressure, and sometimes stay and sometimes sliding, resulting in contact with the workpiece and the grinding disc is research at the wound; grinding trench wall appears out of disk blocks Research hurt the workpiece.