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Resistant materials published in Anhui Province, local standards

Recently, the Quality Supervision Bureau of Anhui Province No. 2 to Notice 2010 ("On the approval of release <casting grinding section> other four local standard notice"), formally approved and promulgated the implementation of "casting grinding segments" and "cast ball," the two provincial and local standards, the standard number were DB34/T1119-2010 and DB34/T1120-2010.

Cast grinding balls belong to the same segment and cast building materials used in cement, thermal power energy, mineral and metallurgical industry, bulk expendable casting, casting grinding section of the current annual consumption is close to casting grinding balls. Specializing in the production mill in Anhui section of the wear-resistant castings ball in Xuancheng enterprises, such as Ma On Shan and Tongling city developed rapidly, particularly wear-resistant castings declared the city's industry has become one of the city's three major industrial clusters.

Casting grinding section, ball at home and abroad a wide range of industrial applications, our country is the world's production and application of casting grinding section, the largest country in the number of balls, but also export section of casting mill, ball of power. National standard "cast Moqiu" GB/T17445 release, the implementation of 10 years, our country and casting foundry Moqiu section mill production, application, foreign exchange and other aspects of trade and technology has played an active role, but with the domestic grind cast section, ball production technology and market changes, the national standard "cast ball," the part of the province can not fully meet the grinding section, ball production and market demand, and industry-standard "low-chromium alloy cast iron grinding section" YB / T093-1996 (revised edition, 2005) is far lower than in China because of its technical segment of the real casting mill production levels, more difficult to meet the casting mill in Anhui section of the requirements of manufacturing companies. To meet the situation requires the preparation of Anhui Province "casting grinding segments" and "casting grinding ball," local standards has become an urgent task.

"Casting grinding segments" and "casting grinding ball," local standards promulgated and implemented, will further enhance the Anhui section of casting mill, ball's overall technological level and improve the local standard industrial applications and domestic and international market relevance, adaptability, the development of industrial clusters in our province and enhancing wear-resistant castings in the casting mill section in Anhui Province, casting grinding ball manufacturing competitiveness will play a positive role in promoting; same time, with the implementation of the two local standards, will greatly enhance the wear-resistant materials product quality, reduce raw material consumption, energy conservation, only declared the city an annual savings of fifty million yuan of raw material consumption, economic and social benefits obvious. The two standard-setting to solve the long declared the city resistant materials product standards confusion, difficult to control quality, the industry difficult to monitor the technical problems, which is resistant materials following the Supervision and Inspection Center of Anhui Province located in Xuancheng, the city's quality supervision Bureau of Development Services, another local pillar industries and effective measure.