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Micro-sphere plate mold
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1) The casting process using a unique formula to die blanks have good physical performance, do not deform under high temperature and can be used continuously.

2) The mountains die casting products, high temperature chilling after pouring, the casting ball fine grain, dense, and almost the same cast hardness of the ball inside and outside, thereby enhancing the product's toughness and wear resistance.

3) "Big Mountain" brand mold is simple, in order to reduce the user cost of production, the mold design, the use of the exchange of scientific and advanced technology, the wear and tear effect of the ball as the core to replace the use of the new mold.

4) the use of "big mountain" die casting products, non-round loss, no casting defects, the use of hot metal from the rate of technology produced higher and longer life.

5) "Big Mountain" brand portfolio is the alternative to a single die mold, one mold, sand casting choice.

6) can be customized according to user requirements.